Pastor Ed Johnson thanks you for taking the time to check out our website.  Have you just moved into the area?  Are you looking for a place to worship the Lord?  Pastor Ed Johnson issues a call not for church membership but to "discipleship in Christ".  If you need help finding a church in your neighborhood we will help you.  If you are looking to learn more about the Lord, this is the place to come.  We welcome you to call Holmesburg Baptist Church home.

Worship service is held at 11:00 AM and the first Sunday of every month is our Communion Service. There is child care during the Services.  Sunday school is from crib room to adults.  You are never to young or to old to learn. Sunday school starts at 9:30 AM.  

Pastor Johnson presents the Biblical truths in such a way that it is fun and understandable.  He will teach you about Jesus Christ and help you grown in your walk as a Christian.  

Please come join us.